Bureau of Indian Standards

When planning on doing business in India, one can only judge their ‘partners’ by what they observe of the business practices first hand, discussions with the owners and communicating with previous customers and business partners.  Fraud and scams by businesses happen all too often.  Within the United States and Canada, one has the Better Business … Read more

Purchasing Business Insurance in India

As with any investment, there is risk.  Investing in India is risky, but not as risky as investing in other foreign markets such as China.  While India has rules and regulations on foreigners investing in or starting business in India, they do recognize private property and non-public entities, giving one a sense of ownership into … Read more

Benefits to Foreign Investing

American regulation on foreign investing as a global power is very slim.  Businesses often invest into business offshore or simply start a business in another nation like India for their superior talent, cost and quality over the domestic market.  Not to mention America’s Treasury for International Affairs has a standing policy to, “support U.S. economic … Read more

India’s Principal Law Governing Foreign Trade

India’s principal law governing foreign trade is the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992. In accordance with the Act, the Government of India formulates and announces a foreign trade policy and amends it from time to time. The lastest Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) was announced in 2004. It provided a five year plan and … Read more