Law Offices Specializing in India Trade Laws

While there is always help offered on websites, a credible opinion is much more valuable when one is thinking of doing business in India. One would like to be aware of both the trade laws, as well as the various regulations of a different government. Many companies exist and thrive off of helping businessmen make the transition into a market like India.

Madaan & Co. Attorneys at Law

One company, ‘Madaan & Co. Attorneys at law’ specializes in business relations and knowledge of the laws between U.S., E.U. and India. They offer free information on their web page the about the basic facts about Investing in India, as well as general procedures for different kinds of business ventures. These vary from Investing in India, Outsourcing to India, Trading with India, etc.

Madaan & co. also offers a list broken down step by step of the typical formalities in India, including how to start a business in India. This breakdown shows not only the ‘formalities’ but the typical amount of time they take to be processed, so one can plan accurately the cost and time of entering a new market.

Madaan & Co. has a listing of Entry Strategies in India for Foreign Investors, with breakdowns by the type of company one wishes to enter.

Aggarwal Raman & Associates (ARA)

Another firm offering services in a similar fashion is ’Aggarwal Raman & Associates (ARA)’. This firm is great for doing business from the U.S. to India, as they are members of both “The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” and “The Institute of Internal Auditors”  in the United State, along with other international certifications.

They have a wide range of services to allow that will help you in doing business in India. These services  include:

  • Incorporation and Formation of company
  • Audit and assurance services
  • Accounting (tax) services
  • Regulatory Services
  • International Tax Planning
  • Advice on double taxation treaty

Such companies offer services with their knowledge of laws and regulations to ease entry into a foreign market; a commendable asset for a foreigner.

By – Domenic Gabriella for