Sourcing Steel from India

Of the main industries that is popular for sourcing from India is finished steel, also referred to as carbon steel.  This is a product in demand within India and the United States.  The steel industry is a large import for the U.S. in its basic form, and in automobile construction. Steel Industry in India The … Read more

Law Offices Specializing in India Trade Laws

While there is always help offered on websites, a credible opinion is much more valuable when one is thinking of doing business in India. One would like to be aware of both the trade laws, as well as the various regulations of a different government. Many companies exist and thrive off of helping businessmen make … Read more

Restrictions to Investments in India

There are many opportunities for investments in India , even though it is still developing economy.  Many banks, both public and privately owned, offer aid to investors.  Although India has been loosening the rules and regulations of the government to promote foreign investment, there are still restrictions on what/how much one can invest in as … Read more